CORRECTED-Security experts find clues to ransomware worm’s lingering risks | ロイター
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CORRECTED-Security experts find clues to ransomware worm’s lingering risks | ロイター

CORRECTED-Security experts find clues to ransomware worm’s lingering risks | ロイター

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Data from BitSight covering , internet-connected computers hit by WannaCry, shows that Windows 7 accounts for 67 percent of infections, although it represents less than half of the global distribution of Windows PC users. In laboratory testing, researchers at MWR and Kyptos say they have found Windows XP crashes before the virus can spread. Those hit by WannaCry also failed to heed warnings last year from Microsoft to disable a file sharing feature in Windows known as SMB, which a covert hacker group calling itself Shadow Brokers had claimed was used by NSA intelligence operatives to sneak into Windows PCs.

Microsoft has faced criticism since for withdrawing support for older versions of Windows software such as year-old Windows XP and requiring users to pay hefty annual fees instead.

The British government cancelled a nationwide NHS support contract with Microsoft after a year, leaving upgrades to local trusts. Seeking to head off further criticism in the wake of the WannaCry outbreak, the U. software giant last weekend released a free patch for Windows XP and other older Windows versions that it previously only offered to paying customers. Microsoft declined to comment for this story.

On Sunday, the U. software giant called on intelligence services to strike a better balance between their desire to keep software flaws secret – in order to conduct espionage and cyber warfare – and sharing those flaws with technology companies to better secure the internet reut.

Half of all internet addresses corrupted globally by WannaCry are located in China and Russia, with 30 and 20 percent respectively. Infection levels spiked again in both countries this week and remained high through Thursday, according to data supplied to Reuters by threat intelligence firm Kryptos Logic. By contrast, the United States accounts for 7 percent of WannaCry infections while Britain, France and Germany each represent just 2 percent of worldwide attacks, Kryptos said.

The ransomware mixes copycat software loaded with amateur coding mistakes and recently leaked spy tools widely believed to have been stolen from the U. National Security Agency, creating a vastly potent class of crimeware. As to Xilinx, and ISE only W7 , well thats a long question, that some of us have been banging on about since W8. I have clients using CPLDs that Xilinx still promote and sell, yet can only be programmed in ISE..

The “answer” over the 10 odd years has been that Vivado is the way , and oh by the way that does not support CPLD’s , or “older” parts. The normal way I see people using ISE now is in a VM, either under W7 or a Linux.

One other note, As far as I remember, which could be very grey! Try downloading the Vivado web tools free to try. Hello endijaija8 Xilinx do have VM version for Windows 10 : endijaija8 Better practice is to create new forum thread for your query rather posting your query in other’s thread this causes confusion and you may not et appropriate attention and answer for your query. To make work IMPACT dll to libPortability.

orig Make a copy of libPortabilityNOSH. dll copy and paste it to the same directory and rename it libPortability. dll Copy libPortabilityNOSH. orig Rename libPortabilityNOSH. dll Download Xilinx ISE html ISE I have installed the Xilinx recommended ISE version for Windows 10, which supports only Spartan6 ISE Design Suite for Windows 10 – Inside the Xilinx folder there isn’t file libPortability.

This is the print screen with all dll files in win o folder. In the lib folder there isn’t nt64 folder, there are only win o and classes folders. Am I searching in wrong place or doing something else wrong? Thanks for your help and suggestions! BR, Endija. To quote “To make work IMPACT Thanks drjohnsmithinx3 and bpatil for help. It seems working! I have found the link to fix the issue on



Windows 10 keeps freezing after startup free download

Boot and Configuration. Penguin’s Isle. Fixed an issue of image flickering on the in-game overlay. Fixed an issue where the user is sometimes logged out of sharing destinations from the in-game overlay. Fixed an issue of no audio on games after a GameStream session. App preview [ see all 18 screenshots ].