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Microsoft office 2010 repair error 2349 free

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Learn More. Added: LAN The following data, added in recent Lansweeper releases, is now also synced to Cloud if Cloud sync and relevant scanned item intervals are enabled: Windows drivers, Windows certificates, improved Linux processor data, Linux user data Changed: LAN Improved Cloud sync speed through index improvements in the local Lansweeper database Fixed: LAN Several issues that can cause the continuous sync with Cloud to start failing.

The current version of the native library 1. LsAgent Linux 9. This item is disabled by default in new Lansweeper installations and updated installations that had not already scanned Store apps.

The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. NET Framework 4. NET 4. New installations are required to do this through the First Run Wizard and updated installations can optionally do this using the ResetWebUserRoles.

Also added tooltips where necessary. Changed: LAN The First Run Wizard seen after a new Lansweeper installation no longer requests immediate submission of scanning credentials, instead relying on Credential-free Device Recognition CDR to gather basic asset details Changed: LAN The first Windows user to log into the web console is no longer given full admin rights to the console.

Instead, a first Windows user to give admin rights to can be chosen through the First Run Wizard. The Assets menu now also includes an info banner regarding the use of scanning credentials for further data enrichment.

Access to the Lansweeper web console is now fully blocked when using IE LsAgent Mac 8. Fixed: LAN When linking an installation that has multiple scan servers with Cloud, servers not configured as sync server erroneously attempt to sync data with Cloud as well Fixed: LAN Windows Server machines are sometimes erroneously identified as Windows Server LsAgent Linux 8.

NET Core,. NET Core 3. Invalid column name AdminUserName. If not already present, LsAgent will automatically try to install. Changed: LAN Updated putty. OrgContact to type Microsoft. Fixed: LAN Creating or deleting certain items in the web console, e. As Windows 10 version , Windows 10 version and Windows Server version do not support. Fixed: LAN Due to a certificate validity check that is too stringent for some machines, the Lansweeper scanning service can fail to start with an error related to LansweeperService.

LsAgent Mac 7. Added: LAN Credential-free Device Recognition or CDR is a new scanning feature that improves the accuracy of key asset properties type, manufacturer, model, OS in situations where scanning credentials are not available.

Users whose Lansweeper license has specifically been granted access to the ADP will be able to manually relink from November 12th, onward. Form value was detected”. Changed: LAN Digitally signed the Lansweeper software and LsAgent installer for Windows with a new certificate Changed: LAN Optimized and updated the Dell warranty scanning feature, as the existing implementation will cease to function on September 25th, LsAgent Linux 7.

Changed: LAN To optimize relay server performance, Lansweeper scanning servers and LsAgent client installations now contact the relay server once every hour at most for scan and data requests. The timeout interval of the relay server connection has also been raised from 1 minute to 5 minutes.

Fixed: LAN High memory usage can occur over time on the Lansweeper scanning server when using Asset Radar Fixed: LAN Rename detection fails to update the existing webpages of Windows computers whose name or domain changed, creating new asset pages instead. Added: LAN After a Lansweeper update, users with Lansweeper config rights now see new feature notifications in the upper right corner of the web console, which can be dismissed Added: LAN Asset Radar is a new, credential-free scanning feature that listens for assets within network traffic.

It is particularly useful for discovering assets e. NET Core, 2. Added: LAN A metrics and notification system now allows you to receive web console notifications about Lansweeper content you are interested in, e. Changed: LAN Removed the option from the First Run Wizard to submit your email address and request a Lansweeper key, instead referring to the Lansweeper website for requesting a key Fixed: LAN Various issues related to Lansweeper Enterprise, which is an early access feature in Lansweeper 7.

NET functionalities being implemented, the machine hosting your Lansweeper installation must now have. Changed: LAN If a client machine does not meet the. Fixed: LAN Runtime errors occur when canceling and restarting the Lansweeper installation or update process. Added: A Windows 10 computer’s full version and build number are now scanned and displayed in several locations in the web console, e. If an email is sent to a specific help desk account or alias and then replied to, the reply is sent from the same account or alias.

If a ticket is created in the web console and the agent has no alias, related emails are still sent from the default email account. PrintedColorPages, tblAssetCustom. PrintedMonoPages, tblAssets. BuildNumber, tblAssets. Also added a link to the Lansweeper knowledge base under Community.

Changed: LAN Submitting an email address is now required to unlock a trial installation of Lansweeper. SQL Server having non-existent folders configured as the default database file locations Changed: DateTime and Time fields in tickets and the calendar now use the current time as the default value instead of Changed: Deleting a ticket filter now closes any existing tabs displaying the filter. If you open a ticket filter that is already displayed in a tab, the web console now also jumps to that existing tab.

Changed: For performance reasons, the result counts of reports in the Reports menu now only refresh when hitting the Refresh Totals button in the bottom left corner of the page. Changed: The Lansweeper installer no longer makes changes to DCOM permissions on the Lansweeper server, to avoid conflicts with other software.

These links are only visible in the web console, not in emails. DBNull to type System. Previous Versions. Fixed: In rare cases, in installations updated from 5. Due to the ticket indexing changes, index files will be deleted and recreated upon updating to Lansweeper 6.

Due to the switch to HTTPS, the old LsClient tool for scanning Windows computers is no longer supported either, no longer works and should be replaced with LsPush in logon scripts and group policies.

Value field was increased from to characters Fixed: Selecting and editing text in certain dialogs e. Fixed: Upgrade overwrites custom language files Fixed: The user is not allowed to see this tab bug Fixed: Slowness to add AD Group to User Role Fixed: Problem uploading pictures when creating new asset Fixed: IP Location import did not save share name or credentials Fixed: Template did not update when enabled Fixed: Issue with credential rotation when scanning Linux and Macs Fixed: Random session disconnections Fixed: Helpdesk email duplication when using multiple scanning services Major release: Service 6.

A feature-rich ticketing system that allows people inside and outside of your company to send questions and request support. The ticketing part of the help desk includes, among others, the following features: Ticket creation through the web console, email, API and import.

Organization of tickets into ticket types. Prioritization of tickets through ticket priorities and followups. Custom fields, optionally nested, to add extra information to tickets in an organized way. Ticket filters, tabs and notifications to easily organize tickets into various overviews.

Ticket templates and outgoing email templates auto reply. Ticket dispatching, automatic assignment and closing of tickets. SLAs to set company standards for the handling and resolution of tickets. Settings that anyone that answers tickets in the console can personally customize, like signature, ticket sort order, email alerts and more. A knowledge base to share articles with your employees on a variety of topics. A calendar to keep track of meetings, vacation days and more. Calendar events can be linked to tickets.

New help desk related reports and widgets, including a company news widget. Optional customization of the look and feel of the help desk.

More flexible security settings that restrict web console access through a system of roles and permissions. More secure password encryption thanks to an on-server encryption key. New authentication method and customizable login page. Mass import of credentials, IP locations and IP ranges. Reorganization of all scanning methods into a single scanning targets menu.

An overall more intuitive interface that accommodates the new help desk menus. Reorganized asset pages with more prominent tabs for asset uptime, location and more. More flexible report alerts. Alerts can now be exported to a folder or sent via email. Schedules are more customizable as well and can be configured per report.

Windows feature scanning. IP range exclusions. Major improvements to the scanning algorithm to ensure even faster scanning of IP ranges. Active Directory scanning optimizations. Service 5. Fixed: Acer monitor serial number bug. Fixed: Space issues with dynamic groups. Fixed: Can not add e-mail group to alert mailing. Fixed: Windows 10 monitors are not scanned if TeamViewer is installed.

Fixed: User scanning is slow during the initial scan. Fixed: Unique monitor keys ignored while importing.


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Fixed: Disk serial issue. Added: FQDN field for asset import. Fixed: Scanning Linux hard drive information bug. Fixed: URLEncoded package names. Fixed: LSPush import error. Added: Several Dell products to the manufacturer table. Fixed: Simultaneous deployments bug. Fixed: Automatically created deployment tasks after server startup.

Fixed: Collection scanning schedule. Fixed: Different time zones error logging. Fixed: Deleting configured schedules. Fixed: Lspush 6.

Fixed: Asset Relations issue when linking the same user multiple times. Fixed: Issues with CompactToServer when migrating data. Fixed: Installer caused several IIS Express failures on upgrade when an incorrect https port was used. Fixed: In some cases assets were created for every IP that was pinged. Fixed: Website startup failure if the database server was unreachable after upgrade.

Fixed: Several case sensitivity problems. Fixed: Exporting to excel error when exporting AD user pictures. Fixed: Wrong LsPush version in the database.

Fixed: No installer warning users when the installation of Lansweeper components failed. Fixed: Issue that would not show installed software on Linux Suse.

Fixed: Several Chrome Extension bugs Service 5. Fixed: SNMP v1 scanning bug. Added: OS End of Lifetime reports. Added: Replacement extension for the old Chrome Plugin. Added: Informative page for Error pages. Added: Support for.

Changed: New https certificate with bit RSA encryption. Changed: Smaller installer: needed components are now downloaded when not installed. Changed: Assetname when scanned device only has an IP address. Changed: Increased the length of the values in tsysCustomNames.

Changed: IP rescan priority. Fixed: Lspush: System user is being ignored when running lspush in a startup script. Fixed: Duplicates users in search. Fixed: Error using empty login credentials. Fixed: Excess Eventlog scanning. Fixed: Assets automatically relocating themselves on the location map.

Fixed: Scanning will now continue when there are invalid entries in scan exclusions. Fixed: Unique computer credentials bug. Fixed: Bug that would make the Lansweeper service crash or restart.

Fixed: Scan Status widget performance. Fixed: Scanning error in scheduled event log scanning. Fixed: Schedules display problem. Fixed: Building dynamic groups from OU parameters. Fixed: Warranty lookup for Fujitsu. Fixed: Duplicate software license keys. Fixed: Bug where malformed IP exclusions would block further scans. Fixed: Rescan with more than one filter active. Fixed: Error messages for Linux case sensitive issue. Fixed: Error causing Lansweeper service to crash when using SQL server with a low latency connection.

Fixed: AutoCAD product keys would not stay checked when activated. Fixed: Custom Field combo boxes not retaining previously entered data if the data contain spaces. Important note about this update: If you upgraded to version 5. Added: License key scanning support for additional Adobe keys. Added: Force Https website option. Added: Warranty scanning of assets whose manufacturer is set to EqualLogic.

Added: Support for the Corporate edition licensing of Lansweeper. Added: Estimated scan time when submitting IP ranges. Large ranges will produce a warning, though they can still be submitted. Changed: Major performance improvements while scanning large networks thanks to a rewrite of the IP Address Range Scanning procedure.

Changed: Overall improved performance while scanning thanks to a reduction in database queries. Changed: Lansweeper now remembers an asset’s last successful credential and tries that first during the next scan attempt.

Changed: Asset pages of Windows computers now clearly indicate whether a scan item is disabled. Changed: Updated MAC address vendor list for better recognition of assets. Changed: No longer restarting WMI when port open but could not connect. Fixed: Error when deleting all deployment packages. Fixed: Time-out logging error. Fixed: IE not displaying the full software name in software licensing.

Fixed: Network card history scanning could not be enabled. Fixed: IP range description was incorrect in scan logging. Fixed: For some Windows items the last scan time was not written into the database. Fixed: Downloading files with spaces at the licences page. Changed: Various connection tester fixes.

Changed: Faster checking for Adobe serials. Fixed: Linux disks permission error. Fixed: Issue with rename detection if the asset is manually edited. Fixed: IP address change while the server is running bug. Fixed: Acer monitor serial number problem. Fixed: Multiple scanning servers deployment synchronization. Fixed: Deployment executable path bug. Reason: License key scanning takes much bandwidth and stresses slow Wan connections.

Fixed: Deploying the copy of a package would also deploy the original package. Fixed: Comments Column width cosmetic issue.

Fixed: Dell warranty API performance issues. Fixed: Editing options of one package altered sometimes other packages too. Fixed: Linux Ksh output redirection. Fixed: Devicetester crash. Fixed: Problem when deleting scanning server. Fixed: Several small cosmetic issues. Fixed: Warranty lock disappears when adding date.

Fixed: Improper character decoding in report parameters. Added: Filter root keys out of registry scanning. Added: Warning if SQL compact exceeds a number of assets. Added: On deployment step failure, the command for that step is shown.

Added: Fixed run mode per package. Added: Custom SIP scanning port. Fixed: Microsoft security widget shows incorrect title. Fixed: Several Linux error messaging bugs. Fixed: Horizontal screen-scroll shifts while mass editing.

Fixed: Using multiple filters while exporting assets. Fixed: Filtering on reports containing hyperlinks. Fixed: upload warning messages for unauthorized documents.

Fixed: Switching an asset from Linux to Unix will now display the correct information. Fixed: Bug in scanning Linux manufacturer from dmidecode. Fixed: Missing virtual interface numbers on Solaris. Fixed: AssetUnique got wrongly updated when a monitor — added by the Lansweeper service — was manually updated. Fixed: Schedule start date not set on original date in some cases when editing. Fixed: Edited schedule would not run on a later date.

Fixed: Asset map cannot be printed. Fixed: Changed HP Warranty scanning. Fixed: Wrapping all text fields on asset page. Fixed: Disabled remote registry would cause a deployment to fail. Fixed: Removed excess logging when deploying with multiple servers.

Fixed: Asset menu getting too long. Fixed: Package import not working in some cases. Fixed: Once schedule would not run in some cases. Fixed: Asset thumbnail was cached too long. Fixed: Active Directory user image not updating when changing it. Fixed: Service could not be stopped because of a running thread. Added: Caching of images to increase website performance. Added: You can now deploy on a filtered static group, report or dynamic group.

Fixed: Cleanup options would run several times in 24 hours. Fixed: Bug where excluded domains would still be scanned. Fixed: Bug where migrating servers would cause constraint conflicts. Fixed: Bug with some parts of filtering on static groups. Fixed: Getting task result after timeout credential error. Fixed: Error when viewing a dynamic group count widget.

Fixed: Wrong color for certain deployment logs. Fixed: Error message when exporting to. Fixed: Connection issues when trying to scan Adobe keys. Fixed: Incorrect import of packages with certain special characters. Fixed: Issue with Schedules not running on time or not running at all. Fixed: Issue deploying on some built-in SQL reports. Fixed: Credential sort problem. Fixed: Error on connecting to WMI when deploying.

Fixed: Database performance issues with user scanning. Fixed: VMware scanning: increased timeout. Fixed: Assets menu getting too long when using many dynamic groups.

Fixed: Datetime error when adding schedule in some cultures. Fixed: Problem when using SQL server or lower and linking credentials. Fixed: Problem when using SQL server or lower and package schedules. Fixed: Problem when saving multiple computer exclusions. Fixed: Package from old custom Lansweeper 4. Fixed: Lspush does not update computer description. Fixed: Problem when selecting multiple assets in IE9 compatibility mode.

Fixed: Page error when viewing computer software page. Added: Dynamic asset groups. Added: Possibility to exclude domains from scanning. Added: Possibility to exclude asset types from scanning. Added: User based software and msi packages are now visible on the software page. Added: Custom reports have new additional optional columns: foregroundcolor, backgroundcolor, hyperlink. Added: Button to clear the scanning queue for a scanning server.

Added: Comments and attached documents have a visual indicator. Added: Global tabs: an administrator can edit dashboard tabs and mark them as global to make them visible for all users. Added: Option in IP range scanning to scan devices that only reply to a ping request. Added: Option in IP range scanning to only scan found windows machines that are not yet in the database. Added: Scan dynamic groups and reports on a schedule. Added: vPro AMT detection. Added: Use a hyperlink as custom action.

Added: Optional logging of all scans. Added: Fine tuning parameters for active scanning. Added: Asset type, domain and scanserver are now editable in mass edit mode. Changed: Domain and OU are shown on asset page after partial scanning failure. Changed: Lansweeper installer does no longer download additional tools. Fixed: Lspush uses file. Fixed: Lspush reports an incorrect file size on large files.

Fixed: Rounding error in switch connection speed. Fixed: Adding multiple asset relations with equal date fields fails. Changed: Auto refresh of Scan Status widget.

Changed: Better performance when locating duplicate assets on large SQL server databases. Fixed: Double entries in VMware guests. Fixed: Not all VMware physical network interfaces are displayed. Fixed: Parsing error in user OU widget. Fixed: Incorrect serial number for some Acer monitor models.

Changed: Autorefresh of scanstatus widget. Fixed: Incorrect serialnumber for some Acer monitor models. Added: SNMP credentials force v1 or v2. Changed: Solaris serial number scanning. Changed: Lower memory usage when scanning large IP ranges. Fixed: Bug: Mass change gives sets incorrect assetunique for windows computers if the domain is changed. Fixed: Warranties without start date are incorrect displayed. Fixed: Duplicated Mac addresses for one switch port are now ignored.

Fixed: Adding assets to location freezes browser in internet explorer. Fixed: Vlan contexts for Cisco switches. Fixed: Lspush shows partial username if the current logged on user has spaces in his name. Fixed: Some documents could not be attached to licenses.

Fixed: Incorrect Acer serial number for some monitor models. Fixed: Internet explorer shows incorrect registry version number. Fixed: Active scanning scans old computer which are no longer on the network.

Fixed: Lspush displays incorrect Microsoft serial number for some software. Fixed: Import assets fails if there are columns deleted from the excel template. Fixed: Manually created Windows assets have an incorrect assetunique.

Fixed: Rescan does not work if a windows computer is only using Ipv6. Fixed: Add event filter checksum problem. Fixed: Solaris MAC address bug. Fixed: Javascript error in asset mapping page. Added: QR codes are now available in Lansweeper standard.

Added: Sorting relations on user detail page. Added: Linux default gateway scanning. Added: IPv6 support for Lspush. Changed: Display tblAssetCustom. Changed: DRAC scanning: increased timeout. Fixed: Some Redhat versions are recognised as Xen. Fixed: Unknown toner remaining for Lexmark printers. Fixed: IE aborts pinging of assets when many assets are selected.

Fixed: Search filter on date values give incorrect results. Fixed: Dell DirectLine warranties are now ignored. Fixed: Rare race condition in IE and Chrome. Fixed: Lspush does not detect IE Fixed: Exporting a report does now work after sorting on ping column.

Fixed: Fixed monitors canning for Windows OS. Minors: Hassell back in swing of things; Abrams homers again for El Paso. Padres come back from five runs down, beat Cubs by seven. Subscribers are reading. Padres notes: Starters move up; Tatis gets scan; new jerseys for pitchers.

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The latest from Steve Breen. Voices of San Dieguito Union High. Diane Bell Chronicling life in and around the region. Clark Analysis on how identity intersects with civic life and daily news in San Diego. Lisa Deaderick Social justice issues with activists, experts and everyday people.

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San Diego County amenities. Tales from the pandemic. Visual storytelling. This is a utility to parse a F-Prot Anti Virus log file, in order to sort them into a malware archive for easier maintanence of your collection. Its primary purpose is to help detecting file race condition vulnerabilities and since version 3, to exploit them with loadable DSO modules also called “payload modules” or “paymods”.

Automates file system mirroring through remote file disclosure vulnerabilities on Linux machines. FTP investigation tool – Scans ftp server for the following: reveal entire directory tree structures, detect anonymous access, detect directories with write permissions, find user specified data within repository.

It sends a bunch of more or less bogus packets to the host of your choice. A simple tool designed to help out with crash analysis during fuzz testing. It selectively ‘un-fuzzes’ portions of a fuzzed file that is known to cause a crash, re-launches the targeted application, and sees if it still crashes. A script to enumerate Google Storage buckets, determine what access you have to them, and determine if they can be privilege escalated.

This little tools is designed to get geolocalization information of a host, it get the information from two sources maxmind and geoiptool. Like doing ‘lsnrctl service’. A Google scraper which performs automated searches and returns results of search queries in the form of URLs or hostnames. Python script to generate obfuscated. A batch-catching, pattern-matching, patch-attacking secret snatcher. A pentesting tool that dumps the source code from.

A python script designed to allow you to leverage the power of google dorking straight from the comfort of your command line. Google mass exploit robot – Make a google search, and parse the results for a especific exploit you define.

Note: It no longer works. A command line tool that analyzes the obfuscated Javascript produced by Google Web Toolkit GWT applications in order to enumerate all services and method calls.

Simple, fast web crawler designed for easy, quick discovery of endpoints and assets within a web application. Halberd discovers HTTP load balancers.

It is useful for web application security auditing and for load balancer configuration testing. An small application designed to analyze your system searching for global objects related to running proccess and display information for every found object, like tokens, semaphores, ports, files,..

Software to identify the different types of hashes used to encrypt data and especially passwords. Hashcatch deauthenticates clients connected to all nearby WiFi networks and tries to capture the handshakes. It can be used in any linux device including Raspberry Pi and Nethunter devices so that you can capture handshakes while walking your dog.

Search for leaked passwords while maintaining a high level of privacy using the k-anonymity method. A tool that allows you to quickly hash plaintext strings, or compare hashed values with a plaintext locally. A Python framework for finding C structures from process memory – heap analysis – Memory structures forensics. Set of tools to generate plainmasterkeys rainbowtables and hashes for hashcat and John the Ripper.

Script that listens on TCP port and responds with completely bogus SSL heartbeat responses, unless it detects the start of a byte pattern similar to that used in Jared Stafford’s. HTTP toolkit for security research. It aims to become an open source alternative to commercial software like Burp Suite Pro, with powerful features tailored to the needs of the infosec and bug bounty community. A very versatile packet injector and sniffer that provides a command-line framework for raw network access.

A database application designed for administering and auditing multiple database servers simultaneously from a centralized location. This tool can perform man-in-the-middle and switch flooding attacks. It has 4 major functions, 3 of which attempt to man-in-the-middle one or more computers on a network with a passive method or flood type method. A simple scanner for Hikvision devices with basic vulnerability scanning capabilities written in Python 3.

A general-use fuzzer that can be configured to use known-good input and delimiters in order to fuzz specific locations. Scans all running processes. A high-interaction Honey Pot solution designed to log all SSH communications between a client and server. A hook tool which can be potentially helpful in reversing applications and analyzing malware. It can hook to an API in a process and search for a pattern in memory or dump the buffer.

A python script which tests http methods for configuration issues leaking information or just to see if they are enabled. Hotspotter passively monitors the network for probe request frames to identify the preferred networks of Windows XP clients, and will compare it to a supplied list of common hotspot network names.

A Python script that exploits a weakness in the way that. A slow HTTP denial-of-service tool that works similarly to other attacks, but rather than leveraging request headers or POST data Bog consumes sockets by slowly reading responses.

A set of shell tools that let you manipulate, send, receive, and analyze HTTP messages. These tools can be used to test, discover, and assert the security of Web servers, apps, and sites. An accompanying Python library is available for extensions.

A fast and multi-purpose HTTP toolkit allow to run multiple probers using retryablehttp library. An AppleID password bruteforce tool. A tool for bruteforcing encoded strings within a boundary defined by a regular expression. It will bruteforce the key value range of 0x1 through 0x HTTP authentication cracker. It’s a tool that launchs an online dictionary attack to test for weak or simple passwords against protected areas on an IIS Web server.

Tool crafting IKE initiator packets and allowing many options to be manually set. Useful to find overflows, error conditions and identifiyng vendors. A software suite for simulating common internet services in a lab environment, e. Tool for gathering e-mail accounts information from different public sources search engines, pgp key servers. A free penetration testing and vulnerability discovery toolkit entirely written in python.

Framework includes modules to discover hosts, gather information about, fuzz targets, brute force usernames and passwords, exploits, and a disassembler. Easily turn single threaded command line applications into a fast, multi-threaded application with CIDR and glob support.

A proof-of-concept tool for identification of cryptographic keys in binary material regardless of target operating system , first and foremost for memory dump analysis and forensic usage. An ids evasion tool, used to anonymously inundate intrusion detection logs with false positives in order to obfuscate a real attack.

Golang IPv6 address enumeration. These tools are designed to work out of the box with minimal knowledge of their workings. Interactive sip toolkit for packet manipulations, sniffing, man in the middle attacks, fuzzing, simulating of dos attacks. Simple html parsing tool that extracts all form related information and generates reports of the data.

Allows for quick analyzing of data. Collect all information in your domain, show you graphs on how domain objects interact with each-other and how to exploit these interactions.

Penetration testing tool that would take as input a list of domain names, scan them, determine if wordpress or joomla platform was used and finally check them automatically, for web vulnerabilities using two well-known open source tools, WPScan and Joomscan.

A tool that lets you intercept methods, alter data and otherwise hack Java applications running on your computer. A utility to create dictionary files that will crack the default passwords of select wireless gateways.

A library that interprets Java serialized objects. It also comes with a command-line tool that can generate compilable class declarations, extract block data, and print textual representations of instance values.

You can draw a graphical representation of your network, and jNetMap will periodically check if the devices are still up or a service is still running. You can also set up E-mail notifications or let jNetMap execute a script when a device goes down or comes up again.

This php script fingerprints a given Joomla system and then uses Packet Storm’s archive to check for bugs related to the installed components. Detects file inclusion, sql injection, command execution vulnerabilities of a target Joomla! A python 2. Useful for easily discovering AJAX requests. Python tool created to identify Joomla version, scan for vulnerabilities and search for config files.

Kali contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. A framework that seeks to unite general auditing tools, which are general pentesting tools Network,Web,Desktop and others. A medium interaction SSH honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and most importantly, the entire shell interaction by the attacker. A Windows post-exploitation rootkit similar to other penetration testing tools such as Meterpreter and Powershell Empire.

A web application fingerprinting engine written in Perl that combines cryptography with IDS evasion.

A collection of injectable files, designed to be used in a pentest when SQL injection flaws are found and are in multiple languages for different environments. A mass audit toolkit which has wide range service discovery, brute force, SQL injection detection and running custom exploit capabilities. A simple tool to help in the fuzzing for, finding, and exploiting of local file inclusion vulnerabilities in Linux-based PHP applications. This is a simple perl script that enumerates local file inclusion attempts when given a specific target.

Post discovery, simply pass the affected URL and vulnerable parameter to this tool. This script is used to take the highest beneficts of the local file include vulnerability in a webserver.

A library written in C dedicated to active network measurements with examples, such as paris-ping and paris-traceroute. Remotely dump RAM of a Linux client and create a volatility profile for later analysis on your local host. It is a stable OS for security professional. With the “Anonymous Mode” , you can browse the internet or send packets anonymously. There are lots of inbuilt tools like netool ,websploit , burpsuite , web analysis tools , social engineering tools and other pentesting tools.

Penetration testing tool, search in a collection of thousands of private SSL keys extracted from various embedded devices. A command line tool that checks your PHP application packages with known security vulnerabilities. Lodowep is a tool for analyzing password strength of accounts on a Lotus Domino webserver system. This tool intended for adversary simulation and red teaming purpose. A penetration tester productivity tool designed to allow easy and straightforward data consolidation, querying, external command execution and report generation.

An open source penetration testing tool written in python, that serves Metasploit payloads. It’s written in python, and uses inotify pyinotify to monitor file system activity. An open source intelligence and forensics application, enabling to easily gather information about DNS, domains, IP addresses, websites, persons, etc.

Originated as a fork of mwcrawler. It retrieves malware directly from the sources as listed at a number of sites. Python script that detects malicious files via checking md5 hashes from an offline set or via the virustotal site. It has http proxy support and an update feature. Spider entire networks for juicy files sitting on SMB shares. Search filenames or file content – regex supported! Tool to scan Web application and networks and easily and complete the information gathering process.

A free fast traffic generator written in C which allows you to send nearly every possible and impossible packet. A small, non-interactive utility that scans mail folders for messages matching regular expressions.

It does matching against basic and extended POSIX regular expressions, and reads and writes a variety of mailbox formats. An ELF fuzzer that mutates the existing data in an ELF sample given to create orcs malformed ELFs , however, it does not change values randomly dumb fuzzing , instead, it fuzzes certain metadata with semi-valid values through the use of fuzzing rules knowledge base.

Mentalist is a graphical tool for custom wordlist generation. It utilizes common human paradigms for constructing passwords and can output the full wordlist as well as rules compatible with Hashcat and John the Ripper. The objective is to extract metadata. A way to take shellcode, inject it into memory then tunnel whatever port you want to over SSH to mask any type of communications as a normal SSH connection. Tool for scanning the HTTP methods supported by a webserver. It works by testing a URL and checking the responses for the different requests.

Resolve file index number to name or vice versa on NTFS. A simple tool that just converts MFT reference number to file name and path, or the other way around. Fast and easy create backdoor office exploitation using module metasploit packet, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Macro attack, Buffer Overflow.

Dotmil subdomain discovery tool that scrapes domains from official DoD website directories and certificate transparency logs. A network reconnaissance tool designed to facilitate large address space,high speed node discovery and identification. A command-line program which decodes or generates audio modem tones at any specified baud rate, using various framing protocols. A multi-platform application used to audit web sites in order to discover and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities.

Shell Script for launching a Fake AP with karma functionality and launches ettercap for packet capture and traffic manipulation. A man-in-the-middle and phishing attack tool that steals the victim’s credentials of some web services like Facebook. A local network host discovery tool. In passive mode, it will listen for ARP request and reply packets.

A password cracking tool written in perl to perform a dictionary-based attack on a specific Facebook user through HTTPS. A cracking tool written in Perl to perform a dictionary-based attack on various hashing algorithm and CMS salted-passwords. A tool aimed at analyzing and capturing data that is hidden between frames in an MP3 file or stream, otherwise noted as “out of band” data. This tool could be used to check windows workstations and servers if they have accessible shared resources.

Small and handful utility design to alter the contents of packets forwarded thru network in real time. An open source tool for reverse engineering, traffic generation and fuzzing of communication protocols. A tool for extracting files from the network in real-time or post-capture from an offline tcpdump pcap savefile. A static application testing SAST tool that can find insecure code patterns in your node. A netgear switch discovery tool. It contains some extra features like bruteoforce and setting a new password.

A website scanner that monitors websites in realtime in order to detect defacements, compliance violations, exploits, sensitive information disclosure and other issues.

An active fingerprinting utility specifically designed to identify the OS the NTP server is running on. Script to pull addresses from a NTP server using the monlist command. Can also output Maltego resultset. Nuclei is a fast tool for configurable targeted scanning based on templates offering massive extensibility and ease of use.

Tool that can be used to enumerate OS information, domain information, shares, directories, and users through SMB null sessions. Collection of scripts and templates to generate Office documents embedded with the DDE, macro-less command execution technique. These files contain streams of data.

This tool allows you to analyze these streams. Hash files, strings, input streams and network resources in various common algorithms simultaneously. Use unicornscan to quickly scan all open ports, and then pass the open ports to nmap for detailed scans.


Microsoft office 2010 repair error 2349 free

CHM runtime errors:. Unsolicited bulk mail or bulk advertising. Method 2: Tried 2 – 3 times yesterday , , everything including the Microsoft Tool to automatically fix problems. I renamed them to start with xx. You may now reinstall the Security Agent and the error should no longer appear.


Microsoft office 2010 repair error 2349 free


Pretty straight forward – but there have been a lot of quirks along the way. All the other software – chrome, etc. Using the method you have now outlined should have caused no issues with win or Office. There should have been no quirks along the way, unless possibly you installed software and didn’t update that software before installing the next. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Install, redeem, activate Microsoft and Office Search Community member.

Is this an windows 10 issue or a Office issue and does anybody have any good ideas to fix? Average User Rating. General PSS10R. CHM could not be found. CHM error. CHM failed to load. Error loading PSS10R. Failed to register PSS10R. The file PSS10R.

CHM is missing or corrupt. Runtime Error! CHM This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Step 1: Restore your PC back to the latest restore point, “snapshot”, or backup image before error occurred. In the search results, find and click System Restore. So please apply all the simple steps and get an instant resolution with this error. If you get error persist on your office server, then make a call to the office support toll-free number.

So immediately take the assistance of office technicians. Here you can get technical support providing by office experts. You just need the call helpline number to get instant support. The office experts are always trying to give the best solutions for any issue to the Microsoft users. Make easier your office working by taking office assistance and get relief for any problem. Voice your ideas, share your thoughts and be proud.

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Modified 5 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 81k times. How do I fix this? The host is 64bit Windows 7 Professional. Office is 32bit. And the relevant portion seems to be: Running OSE version Improve this question. Community Bot 1. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. At the bottom of your screen, click Open.

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